James & Lorrie
James, Lorrie and International Business Dog, Claire

After 20 years in this business we, as always, are listening very closely to your wants and needs and have been very busy evolving our reMODEL business into something even more useful for you.

Those who know us, know that we understand manufacturing improvements and can make sense of market data and the global medical device industry.  You could say that we can identify WHAT to improve and WHY to do it.

The biggest problem with both corporations and individuals is “HOW-TO” make change happen.  This is where we have invested thousands of hours of research, training, and in-the-trenches-experience –  all to provide you with answers, strategies and how-tos you can implement immediately.

You’ll see our emphasis changing from a numbers oriented outlook to a more personal development outlook. Personal Development is just a phrase for “Making Ourselves Better,” after all, and a company is nothing more than its people, so the company cannot get better without its people getting better. Neither can your own life get better without bettering yourself.

You will see a number of new names for bits of this, although all are part of reMODEL International.  All are available now or very soon.

Lorrie A MacGilvray and Friends:

  • Learning About Me events and vacation workshops
  • Secret about Habits 5 module online training
  • Thinking Into Results 12 lesson, 6 month coached online training

For more than two decades, Global Innovation Award Winning Mentor, Consultant, and Author, Lorrie A MacGilvray has shown results again and again, helping multi-million and billion dollar global corporations.

Prior to joining reMODEL she worked in the USA for Wells Fargo, the original stagecoach company of the Western Frontier specializing in multi-site operations and people. Much of that making-the-future drive can be seen in her approach to business today where she helps identify opportunities and challenges which others might not recognize or find too daunting.

Today living in Canary Islands-Spain full time, she specializes in personal, professional & business development and training, with particular skill in forming and motivating “dynamic” teams, change and helping individuals in companies make fully “quantified” decisions to remain highly competitive in their industry.

Lorrie studied directly with Bob Proctor (movie “The Secret”) & Sandy Gallagher creator of “Thinking Into Results” program and holds certification to teach it internationally.

James La Trobe-Bateman:

  • reMODEL: Medical Device consultancy
  • Provide Insights not just Analysis 5 module online training
  • Online resources and material to transfer 20 years of James’ experience into strategies you can implement in your own business.

Thirty-five years ago,  James started predicting the effects of one change on all parts of an organization while working in the oil & petrochemical industry. Now, after 25 years in the Healthcare Manufacturing Industry, James very passionately continues to drive highly successful, ongoing Operations Improvements as well as resolve New Product Development & Market issues Internationally.

Over the years, James has also successfully shown several international manufacturing facilities very specific, pinpointed steps to keep their facilities open when faced with near certain rationalisation closure… These steps not only stopped massive negative economic ripples happening, they doubled, and tripled growth, causing new sites to be built from the positive actions.

James is also Co-Author of Design for Manufacturability and Bridge of Faith for Operations.

James has also studied directly with Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher and holds certification to teach “Thinking Into Results” program internationally.

We look forward to helping you, your company and your staff achieve even more than ever thought possible. Be sure to contact us regarding your personalized and individual needs.